Aman Shrestha, past “Chevening Scholar” at Durham University states he used “concrete application of leadership course learning in life especially during applications for scholarship in universities.” He states: “I wrote applications on the framework of Story of Self, Us and Now.”

Yashaswee Malla, Undergraduate Student in New York University (NYU) in Abu Dhabi on a full scholarship states: “I found the Public Narrative course to be a useful guide to constructing stories well and to better connect with the audience when conveying story orally or in written. I utilized the framework during my application process for structuring my personal essay (for college) and expressing my story in an effective and impactful manner.”

In an ever-changing world leadership challenges are complex and difficult to identify. But how often do we look onto ourselves to identify such challenges? How do we dissect such challenges to have a clarity of thought? How do these affect us in our future endeavours and broader goals? As applicants for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, how do we address it in terms of application essays, personal statements, and later college essays?

We make choices through our stories. We understand our moral and intellectual compass through our stories. We engage in the uncertainty and speak of unique experiences through our stories. Stories show us the courageous ways to act in times that require a negotiation of personal purpose. Our emotions are involved in our stories, especially when applying for colleges. At NLA, we believe that emotions from stories define our values, help us identify our challenges and eventually translate our choices into action.

Any program that seeks to lead, influence and organize people will have a narrative binding people. A powerful narrative on any issue is underpinned by clarity of thought and action on the storyteller’s part. Clear narrative is clear thinking and reviewing impactful stories provide a unique set of skills to any student. Thus, narrative skills, especially public narrative skills manifest not only as a potent communication tool, but also a powerful and poignant leadership tool.

Designed at the Harvard University’s Center for Public Leadership, Narrative Impact: Storytell Your Way Into College course seeks to identify and address adaptive challenges through impactful and personal storytelling. Public Narrative is a key communication skill for college and universities. Students looking to transition from high school to college or pursue postgraduate education will frequently be tested on their narrative skills – be it as part of college applications, personal statements, college essays or interviews.

The theoretical aspects of the course will be learned through case-in-point approach, which creates a laboratory-like condition so that the behaviors of course participants provide real-time data for learning about different elements of leadership. Using this method, participants will develop analytical skills to recognize personal and shared values, as well as create action options to actualize their visions of college applications or essays. In the past five years, Nepal Leadership Academy has assimilated learning about adult development and social innovation, gained from training change makers in areas of civil society actors, private sectors, bureaucrats, young entrepreneurs, and policy makers in Nepal and abroad.

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