Immerse, Reflect, Envision

Nepal Leadership Trek (NLT), organized by Nepal Leadership Academy (NLA), is designed for students and young professionals seeking to sharpen their leadership skills while also experiencing the panoramic sensations of the high Himalayas. The Trek introduces participants to NLA’s flagship graduate-level equivalent course, Leading From Within, designed at Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership through an 18 month research with distinguished professors Ronal Heifetz and Marshall Gantz. Building on globally renowned leadership practices, the course enables participants to explore the fundamentals of adaptive leadership so that they can reflect on and critically analyze both themselves and their surroundings.

The trek is coordinated by Royal Mountain Travel (RMT), a leading travel agency in Nepal with more than 18 years of experience offering high quality personalized service. The itinerary covers a tour of historic Kathmandu Valley, picturesque Pokhara, and trekking along a newly developed, unspoiled route of the Mardi Himal region. The Annapurna range in central Nepal is home to some of the world’s most iconic mountain landscapes and crisscrossed by some of the country’s most popular trekking routes. Slightly more rigorous than your average mountain ramble, the trek consists of walking up and then along a ridge that juts into the Annapurnas, to a viewpoint perched at the end of it. Stunning views of the lesser-known side of one of the range’s most famous peaks – the 6993 metre-high Machhapuchhre (Fishtail) – alone make the trek worth doing. Participants will enjoy the region’s landscape and culture, get a unique glimpse into the rural Himalayan lifestyle, spend quality time with local communities, and interact with sustainable methods of living through the homestay experience. Accommodation in cozy community-run eco-lodges each night after hiking adds to the richness of the experience. 

Why Nepal Leadership Trek?

Around the world, people are experiencing both the subtle and stark effects of climate change, and this is perhaps felt most explicitly in Nepal, a country that the UN cites as being the fourth most vulnerable in the world to the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change. Gradually shifting weather patterns, rising sea levels and more extreme weather events are all clear and devastating evidence of a rapidly changing climate.These changes affect every country on every continent but we in Nepal with fragile mountain ecosystems are prominently at risk.The reliance upon agriculture and the large swathes of the Nepalese population living in rural areas means that even the most minute changes in the climate can have wide-ranging and disastrous effects on our community. In addition to the obvious changes to the climate, these effects increase the risk of conflict, hunger and poverty as areas become inhabitable and resources become more scarce. Visible evidence and startling statistics, which only seem to be getting worse,  demonstrate that climate change is not a distant or imaginary threat, but rather a growing and undeniable reality. We can no longer rely on the potential generations and technology of the future to face this crisis. Simply put, we are the last generation that can take effective action in favour of the climate. The situation is dire.
The impacts of climate change continue to exceed previous scientific forecasts, worsening and multiplying at dramatic rates that will only be amplified in the years to come. Therefore what better cause can we support than that which aims to save not only our locality but the planet as a whole? This is why we at NLA believe that by aligning our leadership trek with the cause of climate change, we are not only doing our part to save the planet but are informing the leaders of today and tomorrow about the urgency with which we must act to combat climate change. Proceeds from the Nepal Leadership Trek 2020 will support the environmental campaign against the impending climate change, by accelerating social innovations that promote environmentally friendly approaches in Nepal. The leadership program is a milestone effort of this campaign towards environmental sustainability and social impact.

Health: NLT is an easy/moderate trek accompanied by an experienced guide that involves walking 5-6 hours on most trekking days. The highest altitude traveled is at 3300 meters. Please note that altitude sickness may be a factor. 

Nepal Leadership Trek (NLT) Itinerary: June 15 to June 29, 2020 (14 days). 

Please arrive in Kathmandu by no later than the evening of June 15th and plan your departure no earlier than June 29th. Since we will be trekking on the trail with a fixed schedule for each day, we will be unable to accommodate different schedules.

Day 1, June   15 Arrival + Transfer to Hotel
Day 2, June 16  NLT Orientation + Kathmandu Sightseeing 
Day 3, June 17 Leadership Course Module 1: Introduction to Adaptive Leadership + Module 2: Listening to Oneself + Evening Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Day 4, June 18 Travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara 
Day 5, June 19 Leadership Course Module 3: Empathizing with Others
Day 6, June 20 Leadership Course Module 4: Analyzing Adaptive Issues 
Day 7, June 21 Drive from Pokhara to Kande + Trek to Deurali 
Day 8, June 22 Trek from Deurali to Forest Camp 
Day 9, June 23  Trek from Forest Camp to Low Camp 
Day 10, June 24  Trek from Low Camp to High Camp 
Day 11, June 25  Hike up to Mardi Base Camp and back to Low Camp
Day 12, June 26  Trek from Low Camp to Lwang Leadership Module 6: Staying Alive
Day 13, June 27 – 28  Trek down to Milan Chowk and drive to Pokhara + travel back to Kathmandu + Farewell Dinner 
Day 14, June 29  International Airport Departure Transfer 

Note: Leadership Course Module 5: Doing Collaborative Action, will be incorporated in the trek from day 7-13.


The total cost of the trek, including the leadership course is $3000*. 

*Inclusive: Leadership Course Tuition Fee, accommodation, basic meals, transportation within Nepal as stated in the itinerary, city excursions as stated in the itinerary, and the Nepal Leadership Trek 2020. 
*Exclusive: Airfare, visa fee, personal expenses, and travel/medical insurance. 

Airfare typically costs around $1100-$1500. Some potential airlines include China Southern, Etihad, Qatar, Turkish, Air India, etc. Nepal Leadership Academy is not responsible for booking your personal flights.

Application Process: 

The application form will be released and open for submission on September 15th 2020. 

To apply for Nepal Leadership Trek (NLT), please follow the following application in this link. 

Application Requirements:

  • NLA 2020 Trek Application on Google Form
  •  Resume and Transcript (Optional)

Please note that selected applicants will be invited for a brief Skype interview before final selection.

Sofie Christiane Brøgger Jensen, Mahindra (UWC) United World College Graduate and NLT 2017 Participant

“Leadership course catered to my values. The fact that it is not conventional leadership and that it questions authority instead of automatically thinking authority equals to leadership is interesting. Plus exploring Nepal was something that I really wanted to do. The course readings went into a depth that I had never thought before regarding leadership and regarding yourself. It is more about looking at leadership as a whole and not just something that you do alone, or something that you do superficially. It is a part of who you are. I learned a lot about myself and have tools from the course to go out and exercise leadership in a new way.”