Nepal leadership Academy (NLA), partnered with Daayitwa an organization that works for good governance and promotion of rural entrepreneurship, for NLA’s Rural Enterprise Innovation (LREI) course.

For LREI, 20 MBA students from Kings College will embark on a 3-week journey to rural Nepal to learn from, empathize with and support 11 rural entrepreneurs from Gulmi in growing their businesses. This course is one of the leadership courses offered by Nepal Leadership Academy.

In this course, the students will receive a total of 50 hours of classes at Kathmandu and Gulmi with engagement to real-life case studies of Nepal. Parallelly, the students will be paired with Daayitwa entrepreneurs from Gulmi where they will spend 3 weeks.

Daayitwa at present is conducting Daayitwa Enterprise Challenge (DEC) at Gulmi which is a part of its Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP). While the students apply their academic learning to practical work and gain a better understanding of rural markets in Nepal, the entrepreneurs will learn about new business models and technology tools that will help them in their business growth.

Meanwhile, the MBA students are looking forward to this adventurous journey. These rural experiences will not be easy but the exposure will enable the students to hone their skills, see the enormous unharnessed opportunities in rural Nepal and above all, discover their true selves. Such urban-rural collaboration will also promote creative cross-pollination and nurture innovative solutions to rural enterprises challenges in understanding rural entrepreneurship.